Thursday, November 24, 2011

Project Ruth--A Cord in the Net

The Ruth School in Bucharest, Romania, is part of the Providence Foundation. It is committed to giving education to the marginalized and disadvantaged, particularly for those coming from Roma (Gypsy) families in order to help them reach their highest potential. Through education, the Ruth School seeks to assist in the inclusion of Roma in society as well as their future educational endeavors (high school, vocational schools, etc.).
It all started in 1992, when the pastor of Providence Baptist Church was challenged to have his church do something for the Rroma children on the streets of the district around the church building. What began as a Sunday School program was extended to a day center and it soon evolved into a literacy class when it was realized that most of the children could neither read or write and had never been to school before. 
After a few years the literacy class was registered as a primary school and soon Fundatia Providenta provided the institutional form which now is the Ruth School.In 1994 the Ruth School was awarded accreditation by the Educational Department for grades 1-4 and for grades 5-8 in 1999. In 2010, the Ruth School received its final accreditation. Today, there are 175 students registered; 70% of the students who graduated from Ruth School continued their studies in a pre-university education or trade school program in Bucharest. So far, the Ruth School has educated and taken care of more than 2000 students.

Str. Lacul Bucura, nr 9-13 , sector 5,
Bucuresti 052464, Romania
Tel/Fax: +40 21 4510401
Website in Romanian, English, and German

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