Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Multilingual Education

LEAD (Language, Education, and Development) offers an online course about Multilingual Education.

Course Outline

Section 1: The purpose of education
Module 1.1 - Why does education matter?
Module 1.2 - Defining ‘education’
Module 1.3 - How does context influence education?
Section 2:  Being adaptable to changing contexts: sociolinguistic issues and the adaptability of multilingual education
Module 2.1 - How the use of language changes
Module 2.2 - Cultural and ethnic identity in times of rapid change
Module 2.3 - The ‘added value’ of community-based learning
Module 2.4 - Adapting formal education opportunities to fit the needs of your community
Section 3:  The truth about mother tongue-based multilingual education
Module 3.1 - Foundations of MTB-MLE
Module 3.2 - Debates around MTB-MLE
Module 3.3 - Benefits of MTB-MLE
Module 3.4 - How MTB-based learning benefits extend beyond the classroom

For more information, go to:  leadcommunity.ning.

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