Wednesday, April 9, 2014

References and Publications Used to Teach Romani

Recently many more resources for formally teaching Romani have been made available. Here is a short list of a few of these. If you know of more, please add in the "comments" section.

Bakker, Peter, and Kyuchukov, Hristo (2003), Publications in Romani useful for Romani language education. Preliminary and Experimental Edition. October 2003. Available online.
Barthelemy, André (1982), Źanés Romanés? Manuel de Conversation Tsigane (Dialecte Kalderaš), Paris: A. Barthelemy.
Daróczi, József Choli (2002), Zhanes Romanes? Cigány Nyelvkönyv, Budapest.
Đurić, Rajko (2005), Gramatika e Rromane Čhibaki, Belgrade: Otkrovenje.
Gila-Kochanowski, Vania de (2002), Précis de la langue Romani littéraire, Paris: L`Harmattan.
Hancock, Ian (1995), A Handbook of Vlax Romani, Columbus: Slavica Publishers, Inc.
Lakatos, Szilvia (2005), Igei Táblázatok. A Lovári Nyelv Tanulásához, Pécs: Pécsi Tudományegyetem.
Lee, Ronald (2005), Learn Romani. Das-dúma Rromanes, Hertfordshire: University of Hertfordshire Press.
Matras, Yaron (2002), Romani. A Linguistic Introduction, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Ministerului Educaţiei şi Cercetării din România and Gheorghe Sarău (2005), I Rromani Ćhib Thaj Literatùra, Manual pentru clasa 1-IV-a, Bucharest: Editura SIGMA.
Pobożniak, Tadeusz (1964?), Grammar of the Lovari Dialect, Prace Komisji Orientalistycznej (Polska Akademia Nauk. Komisja Orientalistyczna)  nr. 3., Krakow: Panstwowe Wydawn Naukowe.
Proctor, Edward (2008), Gypsy Dialects. A selected annotated bibliography of materials for the practical study of Romani, Hertfordshire: University of Hertfordshire Press.
Queraltó, Alexandre (200X), Curso de Romaní (dialecto de los Kalderaš)
Council of Europe Instruments for Teaching and Learning Romani (Kalderash, Usary), 2008.

Compiled by Marianne Fast

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  1. Sari Gardner writes:
    There is an internet course also for learning Romani: Gheorghe Sarau has
    also written a textbook for learning Romani, with the language of
    instruction being Romanian: Curs de limba rromani, Editura Dacia,
    Cluj-Napoca, 2000. The book by him in the original post looks to me like
    it is actually a 4th grade reader for Roma kids, but the 4th grade reader
    we have by the same title is not by him and is from a different publisher.
    So I don't know. Sarau has put his course online, but it might only be
    accessible for account holders: