Friday, January 6, 2012

FUNDATIA ProRroma Romania / STICHTING ProRomi Nederland

Fundatia ProRroma in Romania works closely with the Stichting ProRomi, headquartered in the Netherlands, to establish Christian education for Roma children. ProRroma oversees schools, preschools, meditation classes and humanitarian work. ProRomi provides fundraising, prayer, publicity and logistical support. So far, four schools have been set up: in the Roma village Hetea, Covasna province; in the Roma section of Tinca, Bihor province, and the Roma camp Pata Rat in Cluj Napoca, Cluj province.

After-school tutoring is provided. A literacy course for adults and a medical post have also been started. The first school in Tinca, currently preschool + the first four years of primary school, has government approval to offer Kindergarten and the first four years. The ultimate goal is to provide all eight primary grades. Experience has shown that the children in all these schools need more time and attention during the educational process. The ProRroma teachers are specialized in this.

Information on the Fundatia ProRroma website is available in Romanian, Dutch, and English.
Information on the Stichting ProRomi website is in Dutch. However, contact can also be made in English and German. Photos and videos are available on both websites.

Fundatia ProRroma
Strada Oasului 347
400645 Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania
Gavril Caba (president) +40-(0)259-310370
Bert Looij (vice-president) +40-(0)740-517425
Sjaak Monster (director) +40-(0)724-770704

Stichting ProRomi Nederland
Callistolaan 15
3318 JA Dordrecht
Sjaak Monster (director)+31-(0)6-27566113

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